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11 Tips to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent if You Want to Buy and/or Sell your Home Quickly and for Top Dollar!

By September 4, 2015 Real Estate

Before you hire a real estate agent, consider this:

1) The agent needs to treat you with utmost respect.

That means with honesty, credibility, truth, a good follow through, be organized by keeping everything in order, and listen carefully to your needs, because you are unique! By asking you what you need, and me listening carefully to your needs, I can be of the best service to you. I always treat my clients as I would want to be treated.

2) The agent needs to be fun and enthusiastic to work with.

You will be closely working with the agent of your choice. Make sure that you like the agent that you are about to choose, that he/she is fun, likable, and easy to deal with. You will meet and be in contact with your agent frequently, and it should be a pleasant experience, and he/she should go the extra mile for you. Same is true for the agent deciding to work with a new client, he/she needs to also click with the clients. That way there is a mutual want to work with each other, and that will guarantee selling or buying your home will be a pleasant experience.

3) The agent needs to be different then the rest of the agents.

You know how many realtors there are? Yes, a lot! You need to look if the agent that you are planning to work with is different from the rest, because the agent that does will know that is important. He/she needs to think outside the box to brand themself, but also to sell your home fast. I set myself apart as the Helicopter House Hunter™, Selling Homes on the Fly, and I stand strong for my Privileged Nine™ clients.

4) The agent needs to offer Helicopter House Hunting™.

Say what!?! Yes, the agent needs to go the extra mile for you. Always! That’s why I take all my exclusive Privileged Nine™ clients on a Helicopter House Hunting™ experience! How cool is that? Remember, standing out from the rest of the agents? If you sell your home with me, you will probably also need to buy a new house right? Well, let me be your private helicopter pilot and let me fly you over the cities, suburbs and beaches where you will be living next, and let us narrow down where you want to live next. We’ll go see properties from 1,000 feet up. Your friends won’t believe you went Helicopter House Hunting™! If you are looking to buy a house then also, let’s go Helicopter House Hunting™.

5) The agent needs to be an expert negotiator.

Hiring an agent is a very wise thing to do, mainly because they can probably help you negotiate a better deal then you might be able to. Not only on the sale of your home, but also on the buy of a new house, for a mortgage, and/or anything else for that matter. To serve my Privileged Nine™ clients best I have attended the Program on Negotiation by Harvard Law School, and learned from author Roger Dawson (The Secrets of Power Negotiating) to negotiate the best possible deal for you.

6) The agent needs to be an internet marketing expert.

In today’s market it’s not enough to simply place your home for sale in the MLS, run an ad in the local newspaper, and flyer the neighborhood. Your home for sale needs all the attention it can get, and with my advanced internet marketing strategies and skills, I can have your home sold in record time! The more buyers that will see your home, the more offers you will get, and that often results in a bidding war, which in turn results in a higher sales price. How good are my marketing skills? Well, I started an aviation blog called SkilledPilots.com a year and a half ago and it is now one of the largest aviation blogs online with an impressive following of 131,000+ aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts. Big brands like Red Bull and Discovery Channel have partnered with me because of my reach and internet marketing skills to get the word out about the Red Bull Air Race and Discovery’s TV show “Airplane Repo”. I can have your home for sale advertised on websites such as CNN, your local TV and radio stations, the Miami Herald, Forbes, Time Magazine, ESPN, social media outlets, and many other websites. I will even do something really really cool that no one else is doing, but you will need to call me for what that is. Call or text me now at (954) 557-6609. When buying your new house, I will also get you the best deal possible.

7) The agent needs to be only working with a few exclusive clients.

Ask your agent how many clients he/she is currently working with? This is important because this will reflect in the service offered to you. If your agent has a lot of clients that all need his/her attention, you get less attention, and you deserve the best possible service. That’s why I introduced the Privileged Nine™ clients. This is my guarantee to keep a high level of service to you and my clients. I will only personally work with a maximum of 9 clients per month to give you my utmost attention and effort, and all my combined skills that you deserve and I can offer to my clients. I’m capping my valued clients to the Privileged Nine™ in any given month to provide the best real estate services possible.

8) The agent needs to have a local and international network.

To get your home sold fast, it is very important that your agent has a strong local but also international network. He/she must be able to get your home in front of as many people as possible, even if that means to international clients who are relocating to the area. Since I’m part of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™, I can not only place your home in front of a large local network, but also to a vast global network. This way your home will get in front of international buyers as well. If you need help buying real estate outside your city, state or country, I can refer you to some of the best real estate agents through my extended network of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ who combined have more U.S. home sales than any other national real estate brand.

9) The agent needs to have credibility.

It’s very important that your agent is an honest, trusted, skilled, liked and respectable professional. If they have been featured and/or mentioned in various large media news outlets, and/or have worked with big brands in the past, they must be the real deal and be doing something right.

10) The agent needs to be a professional.

How can you tell your agent of choice is a professional? You can ask yourself these questions: Does this agent have his own professional website? Does this agent have a professional appearance? Does this agent have a social media presence? Does this agent have additional skills such as negotiating and/or internet marketing? What kind of professions did this agent have in the past? I can proudly say that I can say yes to every question above, and that before becoming a real estate agent, I was a helicopter pilot and cruise ship navigator, sailing around the world for 10 years.

11) The agent needs to be multi-lingual.

Obviously this is not mandatory to everyone, but if an agent speaks multiple languages, that definitely says something about them. I’m proud to say that I’m fluent in English, Dutch, German and Flamish, and if you prefer speaking a different language with me, we certainly can.

These are just some tips I wanted to share with you. If you want to read my full biography you can click here, and feel free to browse around my website to see what I have to offer to my Privileged Nine™ clients. Hopefully, if I ask you the question: “Could you see yourself working with me?” the answer will be a confident “YES!” If you choose me to be your agent, you will not be disappointed. I will treat you right!

Feel free to call or text me at (954) 557-6609 with any question you may have or to setup an appointment.

About Marc Hennes

Marc is a very knowledgeable, respected, and trusted Real Estate Agent working for One Sotheby's International Realty in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area. Marc also holds a commercial helicopter pilot license, and that's why he offers an unique and complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ Experience to his Privileged Nine™ clients. His slogan is "Selling Real Estate on the Fly", and he is know as the The Helicopter House Hunter™. Marc is your multi-lingual (speaking English, Dutch, German, and Flemish), multi-skilled, multi-talented, internet marketing expert, commercial helicopter pilot, top negotiating real estate agent. If you are interested in reading his full biography please click here. Interested in buying or selling real estate? Call or text +1 (954) 557-6609.

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