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36 Reasons Fort Lauderdale is The Worst Place on Earth!

By November 30, 2015 Real Estate

There are just too many palm trees.

1. Fort Lauderdale? There’s really not much going on there.

2. Fort Lauderdale’s sunset is nothing special.

3. The scenery is pretty average.

4. The locals float around town using ugly boats like these.

5. There’s an awful lot of water and beaches.

6. Where the hell are you supposed to go and collect your thoughts?

7. You won’t be able to find a decent palm tree.

8. Nothing of interest happens near a Fort Lauderdale beach.

9. The pool at the W hotel is nothing special.

10. Iguanas are everywhere, they are taking over town.

11. You’ve got to wake up to see colors like these in the sky?

12. You’ll see plenty of cheap boats everywhere you go.

13. Fort Lauderdale has a Riverwalk that’s pretty average.

14. There are no beaches; you’ll be bored out of your mind if you go.

15. Ordinary condos for the less fortunate are popping up left and right.

16. There are no coco-plums left, Iguanas have ate them all.

17. You just can’t believe how awful Fort Lauderdale looks by dusk.

18. Then there’s rust buckets like these on every street corner.

19. People of Fort Lauderdale do strange things when they are bored.

20. And it’s such a hideous city at night.

21. How on earth could you live in one of these?

22. Las Olas Boulevard doesn’t look pretty at all by night.

23. I bet these guys are SUPER bored..

24. This gator clearly hates Fort Lauderdale, he’s leaving.

25. Expect to see sub-par houses and boats by going on one of these.

26. This pelican is clearly not impressed either.

27. The entire downtown of Fort Lauderdale is just so ugly by night.

28. You’ll see more beach weddings in your life then you would ever want.

29. The city has an annual orchid show. To see this?

30. The way people of Fort Lauderdale like to celebrate is so boring.

31. Going over 17th Street bridge gets so old.

32. The trees that you’ll find look so weird.

 33. Aerial views from a helicopter tell all, it’s really awful. (watch video in HD)

34. Who really wants to see a Manatee and her calf swimming by..

35. You’ll have to watch other people go on a fabulous vacations all the time.

36. Even the turtles can’t wait to leave.


Conclusion about Fort Lauderdale.

After seeing this you can make your own conclusion whether you would want to continue to live in Fort Lauderdale, or move here. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate in the Fort Lauderdale area, I would be happy to assist you with your real estate needs and take you on a complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ Experience (Watch the VIDEO). You can read about Andrew and Sandra’s experience by clicking here.

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