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VIDEO: BMW Owners Experience Helicopter House Hunting and This is How Their Friends React

By February 28, 2016 Real Estate

Your friends won’t believe you went Helicopter House Hunting™!

The proud owners of a BMW named Andrew and Sandra could not believe that there was such a thing as Helicopter House Hunting™, and readily available to them. In a conversation with a bunch of friends at a party, one friend mentioned to the group that a real estate agent in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area goes the extra mile for his clients, and takes his clients on a complimentary and unique Helicopter House Hunting™ Experience. Andrew couldn’t believe it, he Googled “Helicopter House Hunting™”, came across my website, watched my video (below), and they were mind blown! Since he and his girlfriend just relocated from Detroit, they are renting something for now.  However, they are looking to purchase a new home soon, so this was the perfect timing to hear about the experience. At first they were hesitant to give me a call because they thought that an extraordinary service of this caliber must only be available for the ultra rich, but they were surprised, because that was not the case! Andrew and Sandra for example were looking for a $500,000 home, and I was more than happy to take them Helicopter House Hunting™.

Andrew and Sandra pulled up in their beautiful white BMW 640i Coupe convertible at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to be greeted by myself. I escorted them to the helicopter, gave them safety instructions, an iPad, and off we went. We had mapped out all the properties the day before at my office, and they could now easily see all the properties they where interested in simultaneously on the iPad and when we were flying over the properties. Andrew and Sandra just moved to the area, and getting a birds’ eye view from a 1,000 feet up of all the different areas, suburbs, cities, beaches, highways and more, gave them a good idea how the Fort Lauderdale area was laid out. This is the best way to get familiar with the area and he said “Fort Lauderdale, the beaches, the ocean, the intracoastal, and everything else all looks even better, and it looks incredible from a helicopter!”

They took lots of amazing aerial pictures and videos and of course posted their experience on social media making all their friends jealous. They now had some serious bragging rights. His friends where in total disbelief that they actually went Helicopter House Hunting™ and said things like; “You did not!?!”,”Look at you!”,”You guys deserve it!”,”Where do I sign up for that?”,”Who is your real estate agent?”,”That’s the only way to go house hunting, in style!”,”Did you guys win the lottery? Dang!”,”OK, I’m officially unfriending you two of Facebook…”,”Stop making us jealous with your house hunt, we know you guys moved to Florida!”. Not only had Andrew and Sandra never flown in a helicopter before, they also got expert knowledge of the real estate market and relocating along the way.

If you are ready, or about, to go house hunting, simply send me a text or give me a call at (954) 557-6609 and I would be happy to help you with your real estate needs. Not only will I be your real estate agent, but I’ll be your private helicopter pilot as well.

Question: Who do YOU know that is interested in buying or selling real estate? Tell, TAG or share this with your friend, and I’ll take both of you up to Experience Helicopter House Hunting™.

People ask me quite often: “Marc, how did you come up with this idea?” Well, before I became a real estate agent I was a helicopter pilot, and I was thinking about a way to combine these two skills of mine together. I want to provide the very best house hunting experience for my clients, and let them have the most fun at the same time. That’s when I came up with the idea of Helicopter House Hunting™, and named myself the Helicopter House Hunter™, “Selling Homes on the Fly”.

In my opinion, house hunting should be an amazing experience and should include a helicopter ride. Also, if you are looking to sell your home, you most likely need to buy another home right? So, let’s narrow down the homes that you are interested to go see from up in the air and let me take you and your significant other Helicopter House Hunting™. Let’s check out the new area that you are going to be living next.

Watch a HD Video of the Helicopter House Hunting™ Experience below.

Now, if you are thinking: “YES, I want Marc to be my real estate agent and private helicopter pilot!”, then I look forward to working with you soon. Please schedule your complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ flight with me by giving me a call at (954) 557-6609.

If you want to know more about buying and or selling real estate with me, and becoming one of my Privileged Nine™ clients, then please click here.

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About Marc Hennes

Marc is a very knowledgeable, respected, and trusted Real Estate Agent working for One Sotheby's International Realty in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area. Marc also holds a commercial helicopter pilot license, and that's why he offers an unique and complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ Experience to his Privileged Nine™ clients. His slogan is "Selling Real Estate on the Fly", and he is know as the The Helicopter House Hunter™. Marc is your multi-lingual (speaking English, Dutch, German, and Flemish), multi-skilled, multi-talented, internet marketing expert, commercial helicopter pilot, top negotiating real estate agent. If you are interested in reading his full biography please click here. Interested in buying or selling real estate? Call or text +1 (954) 557-6609.

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